Nick Mason (OH 1957) - Originality
Does Nick Mason need any introduction? Well possibly to the younger members of our community. Nick is the drummer and a founding member of the rock band, Pink Floyd, one of the most successful and iconic bands of all time. He was also a pupil at The Hall School from 1953-57.

After leaving The Hall he went on to Frensham Heights and then to The University of Westminster to train as an Architect. His studies were interrupted however when he became a founding member of the rock band Pink Floyd – He maintains he has been on a permanent ‘gap year’ ever since.

Pink Floyd released their first album in 1967, and went on to make a total of 14 studio album recordings, including the multi-platinum hits "The Dark Side of the Moon," "Wish You Were Here" and "The Wall." Mason has been the only constant member since Pink Floyd's inception, and played on every one of their albums. The band has been playing for over forty years, and still enjoys worldwide acclaim. Their last tour played to over 2,000,000 people, taking in 20 different countries and 200 shows.

Musical success has also allowed Nick to pursue his favourite hobby, Motor racing. He first became interested in cars as a small boy. His father, Bill Mason, directed documentary films for the Shell Film Unit, and was also a keen amateur racer, competing regularly in a Vintage Bentley. Mason now owns a world famous collection of classic cars, which span the history of motor sport from 1901 to the present day. Jeremy Clarkson borrowed his Ferrri Enzo to review it for Top Gear but Mason’s favourite car of all time is the Ferrari 250 GTO, and he owns one of only 36 ever built.

Major achievements include:
- Over 250 million record sales worldwide, including 75 million units sold in the United States.
- Two albums (The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon) in the top ten bestselling albums of all time.
- Five attempts at the Le Mans twenty four hour race. In 1979 Mason’s team finished 2nd in class and won the Index of Performance.
- 2 books – ‘Passion for Speed’ with Mark Hales (Motoring) and ‘Inside Out’ A Personal History of Pink Floyd
- Co Chair of The Featured Artist Coalition – Any aspiring musicians should check out the website
- Trustee of the National Motor Museum
- Enthusiastic Helicopter pilot
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