Chairs from the 1920's
David Druiff (OH 1960) got in touch regarding some archive photographs and his father who attended the school in the 1920's:

I have unearthed a couple of photos. These are a group photo of the Fathers versus Boys cricket match in which I participated probably around 1958 or 59. It was held at Hampstead Cricket Club. The second photo is of the Hall Old Boys team at a match against Hampstead Cricket Club. This must have been in aid of some anniversary and probably dates from around 1963 or 64. Other members of the Hall Team included Dennis Silk and Clement Freud (wicket keeper!). The white haired umpire is Mr Rotherham, a long standing servant of the school, who taught me latin but also taught my father when he was at The Hall in the 1920’s! My father’s parents dedicated a “Gerald Druiff” chair to the school. I remember there used to be a large number of these in the senior school - have they survived, I wonder?

We still have a beautiful bench covered in the names of boys from that time in our front hall but don't know what happened to the chairs. Let us know if you remember these.
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