The Hall in the Community - Pupils teaching pupils
Over the past few years we have been working hard to make sure that we share our expertise and experience as widely as possible with other schools in the area.

This week we joined up with Richard Cobden School pupils for a day of peer to peer teaching. To find out about how our year 8 pupils got on, read their accounts below:

Our trip to Richard Cobden Primary School

 The aim of this project was to experience being a teacher for day, to review our knowledge of Fibonacci and its role in nature (we soon learned that teaching required you to have a deep understanding of the topic) and to see what life is like in a state school. The day began with the drive from the Hall to Richard Cobden, during which plans were reviewed boys were registered and worksheets were counted. Upon arriving, we were split into 2 groups according to the class we were teaching and observed an English lesson before being dispersed to get to know our soon-to-be pupils. We were immediately struck by how advanced their vocabulary and knowledge of literary devices was and we began to worry if our lesson was sufficient. However, we began to see that while some pupils were quick to catch onto ideas, others took a bit longer. We decided to adapt our lesson to give them an opportunity, to choose the work that best suited them.

At the end of the English lesson half of the class left for assembly and the other half stayed behind to work on an Hour of Code with a Year 8 partner. This proved to a terrific way to bond with the pupils and made the daunting task of teaching a class of 30 boys and girls seem much better.

Having packed away, it was break-time. Everyone was very excited to see us and the break was spent racing around the playground before it was time to prepare for Maths. Slideshows were tested, prompts were checked and places were allocated as the class began to file in. It took us a while to find our feet but, after a rocky start, the lesson began to pick up speed and everyone was enjoying themselves. After clearing, we did a Q+A session that allowed us to further get to know each other. This was followed by some guided reading before heading into the library to have lunch with a few of the classes. Starting out, both groups were firmly separated, but after time we began to mingle and packed lunches were devoured before heading out for football.

Now it was time for Art. This was the worrying lesson as the plan was freeform compared to the rigid Maths lesson to enable pupils to have more control of their afternoon. After an investigation into types of tone and texture, we began the session’s 2 main activities: drawing Fibonacci shells and decorating pinecones with paint to show Fibonacci spirals. This was a great success and was the highlight of the day. After saying goodbye, we returned to school to think about the day’s events.

Aziz Nasatyr 8B


On the 25th of May, we travelled to Richard Cobden Primary school in the minibus and upon arrival, were lead to our designated classrooms to watch a Maths lesson. It was interesting to see different classrooms, with girls as well as boys in them and larger spaces to accommodate more children in. We then collaborated with some Year 5 children in an ICT lesson; it was fun to work on Minecraft based coding together.


We then went on the Richard Cobden yard which was much bigger than our one here. The children wanted to race with us from one end to the other! Then we went back inside and taught 2 classes; 5 Birch and 5 Linden. We taught them the Fibonacci sequence and spiral. It was great because the children were really enthusiastic to learn and they were ecstatic for competition time. We ate our lunch and had another session of racing outdoors. Next we had to teach the same classes art which was a bit of a challenge as we hadn’t had much time to practice ourselves - however they were keen to learn tone and texture and how to draw a Fibonacci spiral.


All in all, we had an amazing time there and we got the impression that they had enjoyed it as much as we had and had learnt a lot!


Leo Kurgan 8B




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