Football 1937
Thank you to John Falk (OH 39) who sent us this photo of the football team in 1937. He writes:

'From memory this was taken in the playground of the then Junior Department possibly in 1937 or maybe 1938. Looking at photo – Left to right Back row: 1. John Falk. 2 ? 3. Hugh Penman. 4. ? 5. possibly - surname Judd or Judge. 6. Staff Member. Front Row: 3. ?? surname Whatmore (holding football) 4. surname Nathan.

I remember Mr Wathen and having lunch more than once with him, his wife and other pupils in the 1936-39 period – the dish was always spaghetti!'

If you can remember the names of any others in the photo do let us know.

Hopefully correct. Others I can’t remember.
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