Tea at The Hall
I'm not sure who enjoyed this event the most? Our catering staff had a wonderful time perfecting their cream cakes and dipping strawberries in chocolate. Our alumni seemed to enjoy coming back and seeking out old friends and old haunts and our current staff loved hearing all the stories about the history of the school.
Thank you to everyone who joined us for this event. You can read the Headmaster's address below and the link to some of the photos is here.

We hope to make this an annual event, so if you would like to be included in the invitation for next year or have any ideas for the day then just let us know at alumni@hallschool.co.uk

Guest list
Mr J F Flatau 1939 Mr T Barrett 1954
Mr P Kennet 1943 Mr M Lidwell 1954
Mr G H Vulkan 1943 Mr T Lyon 1954
Mr A N Faith 1946 Mr D Curry 1955
Mr J B Lockyer-Nibbs 1947 Dr C Kolb 1955
Mr W G Solomon 1949 Dr T Rigby Jones 1956
Mr L M Wise 1949 Mr J Young 1956
Mr M Atwell 1950 Mr A S Wynbourne 1958
Prof R Gombrich 1950 Mr C Brough 1958
Mr B Lapping 1950 Mr B Davis 1959
Mr G Ross 1950 Mr D E Druiff 1960
Mr J Ungoed-Thomas 1950 Mr A Finer 1960
Mr J Woodford 1950 Mr M E H Jacobs 1961
Mr M Gerson 1951 Dr J W Scadding 1961
Mr J Myring 1951 Mr P Sheppard 1961
Mr J Zimmerman 1951 Mr J S Aylett 1963
Mr S Enthoven 1952 Mr S Astaire 1965
Mr H Rose 1952 Mr I S Frais 1965
Mr P Stewart 1952 Mr F N Morton 1965
Mr M Bloomfield 1953 Mr C D Sheaf 1965
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