Memories of the Hall

It was lovely to hear memories of the school from so many of our former pupils in response to our Tea at The Hall event. Below are some of these and we would love to hear more.

Michael Lindsay (OH 1951)
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Hall between 1948 and 1951 when I left to go to Brighton College. I was a weekly boarder but it was all very free and easy. No doubt the staff should have kept a closer eye on boys like me who would like nothing better than to slope off in the afternoons. In my case it was to visit the only specialist motoring bookshop in London, near Ludgate Circus and I don’t think I ever had a proper exeat! Perhaps this was possible because most of the school was day boys, so seeing the Hall cap around the place was not unusual. Something else that has always amused family members were the words of my Latin master (can’t recall his name) who said “if you knew your latin verbs as well as your London bus routes you’d be a scholar!”

Michael Miller-Jones (OH 57)
I have many memories from my time at The Hall, mostly good, and my time at The Hall was enjoyed and rewarding. Academically it was many years ahead of the, for me, dreadful public school, where I also had to board! Luckily, by dint of hard study at a "Crammer" after I had left that school, I achieved my aim of getting a place at Medical School. I am now retired from my Consultant post in Anaesthesia and Acute Pain Management at a local Hospital.

Certain members of the teaching staff stand out for me as excellent in my memory - Linwood Sleigh in English, Messrs Howe and Barron in French and Mr. Brown in History. Many others were good at teaching, but others less so (inevitably!). I mention en passant two other Masters, who I have less favourable memories of, despite one of them being otherwise a good teacher: one used to grab the hair and shake the miscreant's head while so doing, and the other threw chalk at any arousing his displeasure.  I am glad to say I was never the recipient of such displeasure!  

I also have fond memories of Mr. Wathen, and remember placing my Orange House badge against his photograph in a frame!

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