Sixth Form Society - Mark Sebba
We were delighted to welcome back Mark Sebba to speak to the sixth form society at the start of October.

Gerald Kavanagh-Legge (Year 8) reports on the evening below:

The evening commenced with an introductory speech by myself. We were then lured in to the chief executive of Net-A-Porter Mark Sebba. He spoke of his fond old memories of the Hall. He then spoke about the V&A the organization in which he runs. He was keen to share his experiences with Net-A-Porter. He originally trained as a chartered accountant. When his second daughter came all of his friends had already had kids so he was forced to find new friends. His daughter's best friend's mother was bearing the idea for Net-A-Porter. Having heard of the concept he immediately joined. He showed us his BLESS morals for work. These stand for.

B-be the best
L- lead not follow
E-exceed expectations

Having heard this we came up with our own and we came up with SWIFT morals. After his gripping speech we were then fortunate enough to have dinner with him. Many boys asked him questions some being a little on the personal side however he embraced our inquisitive attitudes.
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